Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding Gifts

Don't we all have that friend that inspires us, especially when we didn't even know we needed inspiration?  Well for me that friend is Teresa. Teresa is a doer.  She always seems to be doing something- painting a room, scrapbooking, gardening,shopping, traveling, something.  (My creative moments come in spurts brain farts with lots of slack time between.)  So I wasn't at all surprised to find she's been busy making things for her oldest son's wedding. I asked for some pics that I could share here.

These adorable bags are for the
wedding party.
Teresa etched these glasses for the bride and groom and the groom's attendants.
What a wonderful frame
for the newlywed couple to display their wedding photo.
Teresa told me she used her Cricut on these items.  (I was so impressed I had to order one.)
She'll make a great Mother-in-law, I know 'cause she's been a great friend.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Visions Of A Teen Boy's SteamPunk Bedroom

My oldest son is turning 16. He really wants a bedroom of his own so does his 12 year old brother. That means that our next house must be 5 bedrooms. But first we have to sell this house and that means paring down. And that mean deciding what to keep. A difficult task because I have no idea what kind of house we will buy next and the boys may still need to share a room. Originally I wasn't going to choose a theme for their room, but when I saw my first SteamPunk computer I knew this had to be in the boy's room.
  What is SteamPunk? "Steampunk is a fusion of the Victorian era with machinery, a mix of antiques and technology.'Steam' refers to the style we're talking about: think steam engines, big leather bellows, the whirr of cogs. Materials to look out for are wood, leather and plenty of brass - materials that Victorian engineers were familiar with. The 'punk' in steampunk refers to being creative and doing something new and different rather than tartan and mohawks." -According to Sky Gazzard at Mooky Chick.
I love that all the boy's electronic stuff can be made to blend into the room.

I'm thinking stained wood floors and the suede painting technique on the walls. A victorian area rug and curtains. And a bed like this one that I found on Mother Earth's website:

I hope I can find some interesting rusty old architectural items to decorate the bed.
For more DIY SteamPunk items, check out
I'll be adding photos of items we make for this room later.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giveaway on Beneath My Heart

I love jewelry, epecially handcrafted pieces.  The Vintage Pearl creates one of a kind, personalized jewelry.  This jewelry is reminiscent of the "Mother" necklaces of the past but with a modern twist.  One of my favorite pieces is a layred charm the top piece could have children's names and the bottom piece, Grandchildren's names.  It has a Mother of Pearl accent.
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