Friday, December 4, 2015

Back to blogging?

I',m considering blogging again. This time in earnest. 2016 is closing in and it looks to be a cold winter. One in which I will stay indoors as much as possible and contemplate the meaning of life. my life that is.  Actually, I hope to work on as many of my gazillion projects as possible as well as do some real cooking and coming up with a home business so I won't have to return to work.
To that end I am wondering if I should resurrect this blog or just Facebook. It seems a lot of people are using Facebook for various reasons, e.g. Ease, photo sharing.  So I will be researching both to determine which one will be the best vehicle for recording my goal of completing 150 projects in 2016. We currently have 3 homes I will be attempting to coax into beauty and comfort. As well as 46 quilting projects, cooking for weight loss and diabetes, rug making, my new hobby, punch needle, various crochet, gardening, home maintenance and repair, and a Pinterest report.

Stay tuned.