Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bedroom lamp redo

On one of my thrift store outings I found this wonderful globe lamp. I pounced on it even though it was missing its glass top.  The beautiful swirl bottom is what I loved and a bonus, it lights up as a nightlight, very romantic!  On another trip I spotted a top that might just fit-for $2.50.  I wasn't sure it would fit so I passed it by.  Two months later, the same top was marked .25 cents- now we're talking. This particular store is on two levels-while I was trying to get my stuff to the top level-where the cash registers are- I broke the top (part of me wanted to cry).  I took the top anyway since I needed to see if it was right for the lamp.  It was perfect--(Now I really wanted to cry). 

I pieced the broken pieces back together as best I could. you can barely make out the top in this photo.
But there were pieces missing so... Mod Podge to the rescue!  I tore some pages out of my craft copy of Pride & Predjudice and Mod Podged them onto the globe. I love the way it looks in low light, in fact I hardly use the globe night light on the bottom now.  One of these days I'll run into another top for this, but for now I'm lovin' it.