Monday, March 22, 2010

This Weeks Finds

I am a Hunter-Gatherer.  I LOVE thrift shops and garage sales. Its the THRILL of the hunt.  I always find a few treasures.  Here are a few things I recently found.
My favorites are the blue vase, $1.00 and the white pitcher, $4.50.  Right now my house is in transition from dark colors to whites and beachy blue greens.  So, i really like the turquoise plates and the pretty shell, $.50.  The two white candlesticks are actually egg holders- I don't know what i'm gonna do with them but they were $.25 for both.  The little urn turned out to be medal for $.50.  I plan to use it with some kind of decorative ball on top in vignettes.  I'm thinking it would be cute to change the ball for different occasions.  The two little brown bottles, $.25 each- I plan to use as candle holders.  The clear vase and bottle are for future projects.  I fell in love with the little girl with the flower she will sit on my desk to remind me to "Stop and smell the flowers."  My big finds are the champagne bucket, $3.00 and the glass display, $3.00.  I'm going to take the display apart and make something new. 
What would you do with it?

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