Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Review: These is my Words: the Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine 1881-1901

I just finished this book last night and still have so much of it going through my head- I like love stories set in historical settings ( I'm a history buff) and this one didn't disappoint- It is written in a diary form from the perspective of Sarah Prine, 18 yrs old in 1881- I loved Sarah's strength, wit and common sense as she faces a world filled with trials and sorrows- At times, she is larger-than-life and at others "I feel her pain", meaning I've had those same feelings-  I found her character to be an inspiration- But, I have to say, I am totally smitten with Captain Jack Elliot!!!  I immediately thought of the actor Sam Elliot and was pleased to find that the author Nancy E Turner was thinking of him too-

Captain Elliot is a man's man- If you could roll every good thing and put them in one man it would be him-  I love that Ms Turner has characters that have ideals that they are trying to live up to, trying to better themselves and contribute something to their world-

As I was reading about the Wagon Train trip, I  was reminded of the game my children play, "Oregon Trail", pioneers beset by sickness, indians, weather, lack of food, and sometimes bad advice- you're a winner if you are still alive at the end--

I went to the author's website,, and was surprised that there are two sequals- Sarah's Quilt and The Star Garden- I will have to read these soon- Here's what other's have to say-

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