Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 2011: At Our House

Holly certainly is a beauty.

Got this 1960's McDonald high chair at a garage sale for $2.00. No Hannah, you cannot have it.

With all of our holidays this month school has been pretty hit and miss, we did take a field trip to the Conservation Center where we saw deer and wild turkey and many kinds of birds. It is a beautiful place, with great walking trails. We will definitely be going back soon. I saw this artwork on Pinterest. The kids wrote their names in cursive, cut them out and add the skull and limbs- very fun and cute!

We have two houses up for sale - the Dennard house and the Clarksville house. We have some lookers but no offer yet. We are praying for a sale soon.
My mom came for a visit. It was a short but good time. We found a couple of houses to look at when her's sells. We also took a trip to the flea market. I found a valance for my kitchen window for $4.00 and some glassware which will be making its debut in December on my decorating blog.

Reuben is spending the week with us, so Mom could have a break. With four of us it is often a handful, but we love having him here. We took him trick-or-treating. We have a neighborhood here that still does it like when I was a child. Hundreds of people come and walk the streets, it was so much fun! Reuben liked the little kids best and as far as the costumes, he just stared.

We ended the month with a stomach virus-a 24 hr one- however it has left me feeling drained and weak. Reuben picked it up at the day care he was at, so naturally we all got it. Hope to be back in the pink soon--next month: Thanksgiving!!

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